Girl Group

TUESDAY 6.30 – 8.00 PM

Late Night K-POP

WEDNESDAY 8.00 – 9.30 PM

Boy Group

THURSDAY 6.30 – 8.00 PM


First visit – 5€
One time visit – 15€
4-time monthly pass – 40€
6-time monthly pass – 50€
8-time monthly pass – 60€
12-time monthly pass – 70€
* with an X-time monthly pass you can attend an X number of classes within the duration of 4 weeks
** the monthly passes are valid for all types of classes but not workshops


Recepient: MTÜ Hana Tantsustuudio
Account: EE217700771008306381
Description: Name of the student + name of the ticket


We are on Stebby! The way to use it is as follows:
1. “Book” your ticket/membership in TeamUp and register for class.
2. Instead of paying in cash or via deposit, purchase on Stebby the same ticket you booked in TeamUp and show the confirmation at the beginning of class.

Registering for class

In order to sign up for a class, you need to create a TeamUp account. It is a one-time thing and allows you to have a clear overview of all your classes and tickets.

You can register for a class by choosing it from under Schedule and purchasing a ticket from under Registration options OR using a previously purchased ticket/membership.


There is currently no direct payment option in TeamUp. The purpose of TeamUp is to “book” your ticket(s)/membership(s) and to register for classes. You can pay for your tickets either in cash when you come to class, via Stebby (check below) OR make a direct deposit. In case of a deposit, we need to confirm it manually, so it may take some time for the confirmation to show under your account. You can view all your due payments under My account -> Payments.

Cancelling registration

In case you have registered but cannot attend class, please cancel your registration at least 12 hours before. You can view and cancel your registrations under My account -> Registrations.


If you cannot attend class, please cancel your registration at least 12 hours before to give others the chance to attend. If you fail to do so, your ticket will not be refunded. If you have not paid for your ticket yet, we will be forced to ban you from the studio until the payment has been completed.
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